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GIS Project Systems Design

Commercial GIS
Design for the future and code for the present -- Our development teams are .NET experts.

As Spatial Technologies guides you through the GIS project life cycle, with each project, we capitalize on our application development experience and the lessons learned through 10 years of enhancing the leading GIS solutions software in the market.

We do the following types of design:

  • Data modeling and database design
  • System architecture design
  • Application design

Once the detailed requirements specification is drawn up (discussed above), the next step is design, which transforms the requirements into a set of GIS software functions. The design team uses specialized software that lets them build a comprehensive design document directly from the requirements specification that will guide the developers throughout the development process.

The design activity also includes a data model and design, and, for customers with specific implementation requirements, a system architecture design that provides the basis for hardware and software planning and acquisition to support planned GIS operations.

Many times, in software application development, the design process is hurried or skipped altogether due to tight project deadlines. This is one of the most common mistakes that will surely lead down the wrong path with exponential problems becoming a result. We are certain to make design a specific and well-managed phase of the development.