Base Operations

Military Base Mapping

Spatial Technologies has provided GIS services to over 20 United States Military Bases.

Spatial Technologies has many years of experience with communications (hard wire) mapping and management, and outside plant management. Also, infrastructure mapping of many features including, but not limited to: environmental elements, hydrography, real property, airfields, Quantity Distance (QD) Arcs, and noise abatement zones.

Common Installation Picture (CIP) Sustainment

Spatial Technologies has been integral in the standardization of the USAF Common Installation Picture (CIP) data and Mission Datasets (MDS) for Range installations, one of the pillars of the GeoBase program. This process uses many of Spatial Technologies’ IT and geospatial capabilities. Spatial Technologies’ staff holds the requisite expertise in information assurance, software development, spatial technologies and network management to develop and maintain a common picture used for rapid decision-making.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Spatial Technologies will guide you through the entire GIS project life cycle, aligning with your needs and requirements. With each project, we capitalize on our application development experience and lessons learned through over 10 years of enhancing the leading GIS solutions software. Spatial Technologies has software development capabilities to enhance your current or future GIS implementation.

GPS Data Collection and Implementation

Spatial Technologies has experience utilizing the latest in global positioning and processing software, allowing for seamless integration with your current and future geospatial information.

Airfield Surveys and Maintenance Support

Spatial Technologies has a team of experienced surveyors that have the ability to design and implement airfield surveying solutions.

Utilities and Infrastructure Mapping

Spatial Technologies has a team of experienced surveyors that have the ability to design and implement utilities and infrastructure mapping solutions.

Real Property Management

Spatial Technologies has a wide variety of solutions to help your organization manage both land and assets on property.

Space Use Studies

Spatial Technologies uses advanced analysis to determine the best use of physical space within your organization. Maximizing your use of space allows for high efficiency, and reduced costs.

Readiness and Disaster Preparedness

Spatial Technologies has a wide variety of solutions that help prepare your organization for disasters. Custom software development, coupled with advanced cartography techniques work to prepare for many types of disasters.

Facilities Operations and Maintenance

Spatial Technologies has asset management capabilities, to organize and track assets within your organization. Including, custom software development and implementation, designed to fit your requirements.