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Applied GIS

Spatial Data Mapping Applied Practices Training

Apply Spatial Concepts to the data of your choice

Our students go from the classroom to outdoor training of GIS and GPS principles with our exciting Applied Practices program. We offer individual as well as team-building activities that reinforce GIS and GPS skill sets. Improve your company’s understanding of GIS principles with these activities:

  • An energizing bike tour along the Intracoastal Waterway
  • A stimulating kayak trip through Florida’s Wildlife Refuge
  • An exhilarating shark fishing excursion in the deep waters of the Atlantic coast


Your organization is using GIS, which is great, but there is a major challenge. Your staff either does not know how to use it or there are knowledge gaps that need to be filled so that you can get the most out of your location technology investment.

Our team of GIS experts can set up the right kind of GIS user training to meet your needs and fill those knowledge gaps. GIS has been our sole business for over twenty years and we’ve trained GIS users in organizations large and small. We have GIS geeks all over the country who can conduct training at any location, whether it be on-site or remote. We love what we do and are passionate about sharing our GIS knowledge with others so that they can not only perform basic GIS related tasks, but also leverage your investment in location technology in new and innovative ways.

GIS User Training is beneficial to most everyone. If you’re curious about how your organization can improve its GIS knowledge, our GIS experts can provide you with more information and recommendations for moving forward with training.

Commercial GPS Mapping Training

If you’d prefer to apply the training to your own location, Spatial Technologies will set up training at your location or facility. Your class will receive applied practices training in mapping your own location so that it provides intimate knowledge of your own GIS commercial enterprise spatial data mapping project needs.

This interactive instruction provides you with a head start on your own data tracking as well as getting your team involved in immediate needs you may have. Also, our instructor at your location allows us to provide key insight consulting about your specific project and best practices that may be unique to your company.


GIMS CVC Training (Rich and Thick Client Tool) with CIPS Version 3.2.4

Who benefits from GIMS CVC (CIPS) Solutions?

Outside Plant Technicians: Learn to navigate the CVC toolkit; locate, measure, run reports, and troubleshoot cable problems. Become capable of printing manhole butterfly drawings and cable detail layouts.

Communications Engineers: Learn to deliver a complete proposal for additions or modifications to OSP, allowing managers to create bills of material using distance for quantity project planning, project planning, and costing.

Maintenance Schedulers: Learn and become skilled at using the web viewer for orchestrating scheduled OSP maintenance.

GIS Managers: Learn to print red-lined project drawings and maps for meetings and proposals. Use the tool for activities such as locating areas of interest, project assignments, and overviews.

Topics covered in GIMS CVC Training:

  • Communications and Outside Cable Plant Overview
  • Vaults, MH, Hh
  • Communications Path
  • Cable Types & Attributes
  • Naming Conventions
  • Cable Sheath Labeling
  • Cable Name Labeling
  • AFTO Standards
  • Copper, Fiber, Composite Cables
  • Cable Tagging and Assignment Records
  • Coordinated Grid Area
  • Data Collection Strategies
  • 3 Days using the Thick Client Tool

Military Defense (Federal) IT Solutions Military GIS

Military units have a unique reason for using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) because the location of armies, troops, and equipment as well as land target and tracking movement of various groups is highly important. In order to make tactical decisions, the more real time data you have, the better decisions you can make.

While much of this application example above deals with invasion, ground troops, and essential shipment of supplies on time and on target, GIS is also used at home in the U. S. for managing military bases, equipment, and communication systems.

Spatial Technologies had many years of experience with military base mapping, military communications (hard wire) mapping and management, as well as outside plant management. Instead of taking a day or more to find a broken area of the base communications system, GIS can reduce that time significantly, almost real time, with the right implementation. The specifics of a solution will be gathered during the requirements analysis phase and then the specification goes to collaborative design of a solution to meet your needs.

You’ll see a list of dozens of United States Air Force bases that Spatial Technologies has done GIS & GPS mapping, communications mapping and management, and outside plant management.

Spatial Technologies employs a project life cycle management as well as GIS project services including spatial needs assessment, GIS system design, Desktop / Enterprise and Web-based GIS solutions.