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The 45th Space Communications Squadron has been a customer of Spatial Technologies for over 10 years. The Spatial Team managed the development of the 45th Space Wing’s Geographic Information Management System (GIMS) from its inception to the robust, mission critical system it is today. Spatial Technologies has demonstrated competence, technical leadership and unusual resourcefulness as they successfully completed 11 phases of GIMS development on time and within budget. They are integral to the continued development of this mission support system which manages the communications infrastructure at Patrick Air Force Base and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and enables the 45th Space Wing’s mission to launch rockets in support of warfighters worldwide.

Sheryl Glore

Chief, Plans and Implementation



Thanks to Spatial Technologies, our GIS department is now fully capable of delivering mapping solutions to stakeholders and school board decision-makers. The redistricting software Spatial Technologies developed provides real-time scenarios to evaluate the distribution of students across Brevard County schools. The simplified statistical analysis tools are intuitive enough to allow parents to try their hands at creating school district scenarios, offering an unbiased view of the planned student attendance and allocation of facility resources. This technology aids in the reduction of parent/school conflicts reducing the overall administration time required to get a new plan approved by the school board.

School Board


Spatial Technologies’ professionalism and dedicated project management services provided the perfect compliment to our Large Business profile, allowing us to deliver robust and fully integrated custom GIS applications to the USAF 45th Space Wing Communication Squadron. The small business set aside, mandated the use of strategic teaming alliances to provide the most comprehensive technical solutions to an advanced geospatial data system. Spatial Technologies’ excellent relationship with the customer and total software development life cycle management approach provided incremental releases that enabled a seamless transition from the legacy systems to the integrated final solution.