Communications Mapping

Spatial Technologies has been awarded a multitude of Department of Defense (DoD) and private sector contracts for the development and production of communications asset mapping applications using GIS. Spatial provides a full spectrum of data conversion and analysis services to ensure that all legacy data is properly identified and transformed into a comprehensive mapping solution for our customers. We create customized mapping tools using commercial products running on ESRI ArcGIS platform or other open source platforms. All Spatial Technologies mapping products are fully capable of providing robust geospatial and tabular data search and identification solutions that are intuitive and easy for our customers to transition to.

USAF 45th Space Wing’s Success Story:

Spatial has been an integral part of the USAF 45th Space Wing’s Civil Engineering mandate to produce and maintain updated Basic Information Guides (BIG) and General Plan map-books. We were awarded a contract to update USAF Installation’s Basic Information Guides (BIG) and General Plans. This award was a cornerstone in the effort to convert the legacy CAD data from the outdated map-books into the standardized SDSFIE compliant geodatabase format currently utilized to provide locational and statistical data analysis for communications systems and utilities networks across installations, campuses and other geographically separated areas. This effort transformed the way in which USAF installations accessed vital communications and utility data, from a map-book, grid based product to an electronic GIS platform that allowed individual users to create formatted custom layouts of the communications assets that they required in their views.

The Benefit to USAF:

Reduction of production costs were immediately realized, along with increased efficiency and reduction of man-hours necessary to complete required maintenance and inspection reviews.