GIS Implementation

Spatial Technologies has a proven record transforming disparate databases and legacy source document archives into an advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) for many of our Engineering customers in the civil, structural and environmental disciplines. We are experienced in migrating data from legacy databases, hardcopy maps, drawings, surveys, mylars and various other source docs. We can transform your spatial and tabular data from virtually any platform to a GIS environment of your specification, and ensure that your hardcopy or electronic source data are preserved and secure.

Spatial has been integral in the standardization of USAF Common Installation Picture (CIP) data and Mission Datasets (MDS) for USAF Range Installations. Spatial Technologies was tasked with developing SDSFIE standardized ArcGIS enterprise geodatabases and converting all of the existing CIP and MDS datasets for multiple installations. This standardization process utilizes many facets of Spatial Technologies’ capabilities, including database administration for a multiuser ArcGIS geodatabase environment running on Oracle 10g, GPS data collection, legacy CADD data conversion, QA/QC, FGCD Metadata creation and maintenance & imagery composition and Mosaicing.

Spatial also provides custom application development, data conversion, comprehensive CAD services, scanning, printing and plotting services, technical advice, help with geographic data sources, and GIS archiving services. We support multiple platforms, and can exchange data with other industry standard GIS and mapping formats. When needed, we provide redesign of data layers, projection of vector or raster data from one coordinate system to another, and vectorization and attribution of data from lower quality source materials.

If you require accurate location information for your existing or expanding infrastructure, you can benefit from the quality and efficiency provided by our GPS services. Our real-time GPS equipment is capable of capturing accurate GPS data for most fixed assets including towers, communication lines, pole lines, facilities, and landmarks. We have industry standard equipment for toning out and identifying buried utility lines for GPS surveying. Criteria for data collection can be preset so that all collected data matches your GIS or enterprise database ensuring that your data have the integrity you need to map precise locations.

Spatial’s goal, is and always has been, to exceed our customer’s expectations in the development and support of engineering quality spatial data applications. Our products and support allow our customer’s to optimize data visualization, giving them clear and concise views of all of their vital spatial data. We work to ensure that all of your company’s spatial data integrates seamlessly with any critical tabular data or records. Our spatial data applications and services have helped many of our Department of Defense and civilian customers enhance their data — helping equip the decision-makers with accessible, detailed representations of their spatial data coupled with the ability to surface any associated tabular data, images or drawings.