We are Problem Solvers at our Core


It’s What We Do

Spatial Technologies is a Florida-based problem solver available to both government and private industry clients. We solve problems by using geographic information systems (GIS) and our enterprise integrated software to create answers to just about any mapping quagmire you can imagine. We’re that good.


Geographic Information Management System (GIMS) is a communications system mapping solution used by communications engineers, maintenance schedulers, outside plant technicians, inside plant administrators and GIS managers. The GIMS System is a visualization, editing, and reporting application that is classified into four subsystems for organizational utilization. The four components together provide a visual & spatial representation of End-to-End connectivity for voice, data and video transmission across an installation, campus or network. The GIMS System provides an easy to use Single Point of Entry Interface (SPEI) that is CAC enabled and employs Multi-tiered security for viewing of aggregate data from separate operational units.

Spatial Technologies’ was instrumental in developing the Enterprise GIS architecture currently in use at the USAF 45th Space Wing’s installations.

Spatial Technologies serves as the primary contractor tasked with the upgrade, maintenance and training for the communication squadrons’ four launch-critical applications and backend databases that comprise the basis of the GIMS system. As the sole contractor responsible for all phases of GIMS product development, we offer the most comprehensive solution for planning, inputting, managing and documenting your communications or utility data. Either in the GIMS environment or in a custom solution designed specifically to meet your GIS and communications needs, Spatial Technologies is the best choice for delivering a robust GIS solution to manage your data.

Communications Document Library (CDL)

The CDL Editor is a Visio-based application that allows communications engineers and technical support personnel to view every communication line and connection on a circuit to circuit level, in order to give operations personnel real-time configuration and online status updates. The system connects to a geospatial database that houses real property data, providing users a graphical view of each circuit. Spatial Technologies has established experience with organizational toolsets for viewing and editing Circuit Line Record Cards. Our established software and toolsets are currently implemented at military bases across the United States.


The GIMS Viewer application enables USAF installation users to access the enterprise GIS to view and edit CIP and MDS spatial datasets. This includes Comm data for both Outside Cable Plant (OCP) and Inside Cable Plant (ICP) data. The GIMS Viewer is built using ArcGIS extensions, on a .Net framework, utilizing an Oracle back-end database. Spatial Technologies has optimized the software’s performance by continually analyzing and upgrading it through a diligent version-release program. Spatial Technologies has proven experience providing mapping and organizational solutions for Outside Plant and Inside Plant assets. Our established software and toolsets are currently implemented at military bases across the United States.

Cable Records (CR)

The Cable Records (CR) application is an enterprise system utilized for housing and maintaining assigned cable pairs for telecommunications and data switching. Spatial Technologies designed and developed the software interface and Oracle back-end database used to store all of the cable records. Upon the successful launch of the CR Editor v.2 Spatial was tasked to integrate the CLRC and CR datasets together and create a customized user interface to allow complete transparency between the all GIMS applications.

Information Security

Spatial Technologies has a team of experienced software developers that have capabilities to create programs that utilize your organizations security procedures, or implement a new security framework. Spatial database and network administrators are all CompTIA Security + certified and are well versed in the safeguarding of proprietary data systems.

Custom Software Development and Engineering

Spatial Technologies has a team of experienced software developers that have the ability to design and stand up software packages that tailor to your requirements. Spatial developers utilize the agile methodology to ensure robust solutions can be incrementally developed and released in a noninvasive after hours schedule that will not interfere with daily production workflows. Spatial offers complete Software Development Life Cycle management throughout all of our software development projects.

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)

Spatial Technologies adheres to CMMI Level III level of maturity, demonstrating a strict and high standard of organization within the company.